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Selection of the vineyard

Using fruit sourced from one of the most highly-prized vineyards in Ala, EnoItalia has set about to create a premium Pinot Grigio that truly showcases the quality and winemaking history of Trentino. Owned by three historic families in the region, the vineyard is made up of three small plots that form a cone shape an that the locals in the area call “Valfredda” or cold valley. Planted in 1990, the “Terre di Valfredda” vineyard share the same soil type and are naturally protected from the elements by the surrounding mountainside. The vineyard’s “Pergola Trentina” trellising system and perfect East-West exposure ensure that conditions are ideal for the ripening of Pinot Grigio. Visible from the old road that connects Verona with Trentino, the 30 hectares (74 acres) of picturesque vineyards are still to this day meticulously managed by local families and still harvested by hand.